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AlexAlex Anagnostiadis. Head of Risk.

Alex has 25 years experience in the futures industry in both local & offshore markets. Having traded bond books for a number of major banks on the floor of the exchange he then traded on his own account for some 10 years increasing his scope to include global indices. The last 5 years Alex has pursued an advisory & execution role with a strong leaning towards technical analysis. He has joined Propex in a trading/risk role.

PaulPaul Manton. Senior Risk Manager.

Paul has almost 30 years experience working with futures. He has traded for most major exchanges around the world, both through institutional firms and for himself. He returned to Australia in 2006, working in derivatives and joined Propex in 2013.

ChernChern Ng. Risk Manager.

Chern is the Risk Manager and analyst in local and overseas markets. He joined Propex in 2010 before the Flash Crash and has since been involved in the futures industry. He has always been passionate about using data to identify opportunities for increasing trading efficiency and has developed methods and tools for in-house trader analysis.



Propex is home to many experienced futures and equities traders. Our purpose built offices provide our traders with high speed connectivity to Australia, Asia, Europe and the US.

Our experienced traders are:

  • Local traders who require the best facilities.
  • Foreign traders who have moved to Australia to trade the Asia-Pacific markets.
  • Former floor traders, fund managers and CTAs.


In-House or Remote

We consider applications for trading positions both within one of our offices and remote locations.



At Propex, we provide leading edge trading and charting software coupled with 24 hour market analysis to ensure no trading opportunities are ever missed.

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Risk and Support

Propex offer a 24-hour per day support network for both in-house and remote traders with position monitoring, analysis, hedging and full reporting.


Experienced traders will need to provide recent trading results.

Contact us

If you are an experienced trader and would like to apply for a proprietary trading position please complete the form below or contact Matthew O'Brien directly on +612 8231 3632.

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Under the banner of Love over Hate, The Wayside Chappel's programs and services are designed to ensure that the most marginalised members of our community have access to essential health, welfare, social and recreational services, as well as offering a place where people are welcome just to 'be'.



During November each year, Movember is responsible for the sprouting of moustaches on thousands of men’s faces in Australia and around the world. The aim of which is to raise vital funds and awareness for men’s health, specifically prostate cancer and depression in men. In 2011, a hairy faced Propex team raised $3,268.



Dry July is an online social community where an individual or team can sign up to the challenge of a month long sponsored abstinence from alcohol. The funds raised from participants' sponsorship directly benefit the lives of adults living with cancer right across Australia. In our first year of contributing to the Dry July challenge and charity, the Propex Derivatives team raised $2,477.80 – all without touching a drop!



The Bosco Bulldogs are a junior rugby league in Sydney’s south. Go the dogs!



Braveheart runs White Balloon Day, an annual national charity event during Child Protection Week. Its purpose is to change the culture of silence that has, for too long, aided and abetted the assault and torture of our most vulnerable members of society, our children.



Red Kite provides real support to children, young people and their families through difficult cancer experience – in hospital and the community.


donate njt 

The National Jockeys' Trust is a public charitable trust established in 2004 for the purpose of providing funds and other benefits for the relief of the financial difficulties and needs of jockeys (including apprentice jockeys) and their families, especially where such needs arise through serious injury, illness or death of a jockey.



Sydney Children's Hospital, Randwick and Community Child Health Services encompass an acute care facility as well as associated outreach and community based services. The Hospital is one of three tertiary centres for child health in New South Wales.


Ignatius Park College is proudly dedicated to boys: their spiritual, academic, social and physical growth as they approach maturity. As Townville's only boys' school, we are uniquely placed to cater for their specific needs.


john logan header
In July 2008 John Logan's life was taken too soon after battling gastrointestinal cancer for 3½ years. It was John’s wish that something could be done to aid the treatment of similar cancers and in 2009 the John Logan Foundation was formed. The JLF have since offered financial support to more than 25 people since helping their first patient in May 2010.





1. How did you get into trading?

I had an interest in the stock market from around the age of 10. No one I knew invested but I somehow I just got into it. I used to read the business section of the paper and honestly had no idea what I was reading.

A few years later our commerce class had an excursion to the Sydney Futures Exchange and the Australian Stock Exchange. Visiting the stock exchange was great, but walking into the futures exchange was a 'wow' moment. I was hooked. From then on, I would gather anything I could on futures. Remember this was before the internet and books on trading were wickedly expensive for a kid earning money from a paper run.

2. What has been your progression? That is, what did you first start trading and what have you traded since?

I started out trading bank bill spreads, because the daily movement was small enough to fit in with my small account size at the time. I also traded the 3yr and 10yr bonds. Intraday volatility back then was great and you could ride several moves per day.

Back then I was working as a technical analyst and we weren't allowed to trade so I had to run into the bathroom with my brick sized mobile phone to place orders with the broker.

Moving on from there, I started work as a broker. Being an analyst was a good learning ground but I wanted to be closer to the action. I spent a year doing that then moved into managed accounts with a focus on index options. I was a director of a CTA (Commodity Trading Adviser) business, which is much like a hedge fund.

3. What do you trade now?

From options, I moved back to futures spreads and that is what I trade today.

4. What kind of strategies do you trade?

I really like seasonal trading and I combine that with identifying markets that are doing things they don't normally do. It's a combination of technicals and fundamentals.

5. What is your most memorable trade, either at Propex or elsewhere?

I would say trading through 9/11 was most memorable. We had a large bullish options position on the FTSE100. By large, I mean large and what happened really was a turning point in my life.

Early in the European morning, before the incident, my partner and I were chatting about our position. It was trading a little against us, nothing much, but neither of us liked it. We just had a bad feeling about it.

We called the market maker for a quote to close the entire position and walk away with a small loss. After receiving what we thought was a terrible quote, we decided to leave it for a day and reassess tomorrow. That was a bad decision.

An hour or two later the incidents in the US began. Our position went from slightly offside to very much offside. Bid/ask spreads blew way out and that made it virtually impossible to unwind our position. We attempted to hedge here and there with all sorts of option combinations. In fact over the next week or so our daily volume was equal to about what we would normally average in a month! We traded many thousands of contracts all in an effort to make back that initial loss. In the end, we lost so much it was pretty much the end of the business as we knew it.

After that, my partner wanted to give up, but I wanted to keep pushing and rebuild. I saw it as a challenge. It took a year but we did it.

It's interesting to look back and think if only we closed the position when our gut told us to. I learnt a lot from that.

6. How do you find working for Propex compared with trading from home?

It's a good environment and a good learning ground. You get to be around other traders all trying to make a living. There is a lot to learn in trading and being around other traders is the best place for it.

7. How do you find trading for a living versus being in any kind of job?

Many people think trading is a lifestyle choice. In a way it is, but not the kind of lifestyle you might initially think. There are no deck chairs and daiquiris here. Trading well takes a lot of time and focus. It's not easy.

8. How have your views of trading changed since you started?

No really. I've always seen trading well as finding your niche and being opportunistic as opposed from finding 'the million dollar system'.

9. What does it take to do well as a full time trader?

Lots of time, focus, resilience and flexibility.

10. What advice would you give a newcomer?

  • Don't spread your focus too wide. Start looking at 1-3 markets. Know your market and what moves it.
  • Spend time understanding the fundamentals of futures trading.
  • Learn as many techniques as you can, not just what you think might work.
  • Use a demo account or simulator, but don't use it to trade the way you want to trade. It's a simulator, so the P&L does not matter. Use it to learn by trying different strategies.
  • Work hard and keep working hard.


Sometimes a plain white wall can look just boring. In our Sydney office we decided to liven things up a little with a few oversized trading themed murals. The one shown here was painted by Sydney artist Andy Steel and gave a completely new look to our trader training room.

In the picture, you’ll see the rather intimidating bull, a market depth ladder and the image of goddess Ceres as taken from the top of the Chicago Board of Trade building and considered a good luck symbol for traders (yes, many of us are superstitious).

All in all, it was a job well done and it looks great!



max-whitby-299Max Whitby. Managing Director.

Max has over 30 years of experience in the futures industry in Australia. Prior to setting up Propex in 2005, Max was the founding Managing Director of L Quay Futures, a high profile futures broking firm with operations both online and on the Sydney Futures Exchange floor. He is a recognised entrepreneur, a strong leader and developer of staff and client relationships.

matt-obrien-299Matthew O'Brien. Chief Executive Officer.

Matt joined the futures industry in 1996 where he worked as a futures trader and broker specialising in European and US derivatives and a dealer/pricemaker. Matt then moved to London to work with Refco Trading / Marex Trading as Trader Manager before returning to Australia to run Propex Derivatives in 2006.

mark3Mark Zagora. Partner. Trader.

Mark has been a professional trader for 15 years. Upon completion of University he began his career as a junior market-maker on the FX desk of a large Australian Bank. He then progressed on to Proprietary Trading working in both Europe and Australia. He has been involved in training traders for the past 7 years and over that time has trained close to 100 professional traders. He is a Partner at Propex and plays an active daily role in the coaching and mentoring of traders.

paul1Paul Butler. CFO.

Paul is the CFO of Propex and has over 20 years experience in accounting for the futures industry. Prior to Propex, Paul had roles at the SFE, Austraclear and Brokerone.

guy3Guy Bower. Online Training. Recruitment.

Guy has close to 20yrs experience in the markets as a trader, analyst, CTA, CEO and business owner. His background is in trading commodity futures and options trading. He is also the author of several trading related books and was profiled in the book Bullseye: Top Trader Thinking by M Kirk. At Propex, Guy manages new trader recruitment, online training and mentoring. He is also the author of the online training material and coursework.

don3Don DiVincenzo. In-House Training.

Don looks after the new traders once they start in-house. Don is an experienced trader, working as a proprietary trader in both Sydney and London. Don brings a wealth of knowledge spanning trading techniques and markets.


keirnKeiran Horth. Director Propex Singapore. Trader.

Based in Singapore Keiran is a partner in the Singapore arm of Propex and manages the day to day operations. He has been a proprietary trader for many years and currently trades short term interest rates, yield curve and inter-market spreads.

Gold Coast

dollars2David Negrine. Gold Coast Manager. Trader

David has been involved in the markets since 1980 and has been a professional trader for over 20 years He was a shareholder at L Quay futures. David re located to the Gold Coast 7 years ago and now manages our Gold Coast office.



Propex is a leading proprietary trading firm in Australia and Singapore.

What We Do

We are in the business of traders. We bankroll, train, mentor and house traders. We take on both experienced traders and trainee level traders. Our goal is to have each trader find their own unique niche and help develop that further. Propex started with a focus on futures trading, but is now additionally offering full equity market access.


Propex is a progressive organisation with offices in Sydney, Singapore and the Gold Coast. All offices are close to around the clock transport.

Our floors are locked off from the general public to maintain security and privacy for our traders.

Our Team

Our management team has combined experience of over 100 years in the financial markets including floor trading, electronic trading, funds management, market making and risk management.

We have a 24-hour per day risk management team charged with the task of supplying our traders with the best possible uptime and guidance as needed.

Every single trader here is different. We have bond traders, bill traders, commodity traders, index traders, equity traders and more. Diversity is a key part of our business model. We have in-house traders, remote traders and everything in-between. We have spreaders, scalpers and all sorts of day traders.

Propex offer a training program for aspiring futures traders that involves extensive online simulation, guidance and mentoring. We have an aggressive growth strategy. If you think you have what it takes, we want to hear from you.



At Propex, we provide leading edge trading and charting software coupled with 24 hour market analysis to ensure no trading opportunities are ever missed.

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